Sunday, September 11, 2011


Title: Keep My Grave Open
Release Date: 1976
Director: S. F. Brownrigg
Alternate Title: The House Where Hell Froze Over

From the Collection: Pure Terror

The first film in IT CAME FROM THE BARGAIN BIN!!! is S. F. Brownrigg's Keep My Grave Open. This is an interesting little, low budget flick from the director who brought us Don't Look in the Basement (The Forgotten) and Don't Open the Door. It's plot is essentially a poor man's Psycho with main character Lesley Fontaine (Camilla Carr)talking to her "dead" brother and dressing as him to kill people.

The transfer of this film is pretty bad (even by Mill Creek standards), and the film's editing was slightly choppy. So, most of the film is really dark and muddy with highly muffled audio...which makes following the story line a challenge.

The general idea of the film is the psychological downward spiral of main character Lesley Fontaine who dresses up as her dead brother to murder various people who come to "their" house.

The film itself is very sloooooooooooooowwww and focuses way too much on presenting scenes that do not further the plot (see the various "horse montage" scenes), but it isn't really a "bad" film. The story line itself is intriguing and various scenes were very well done (especially the murder scenes), but the true strength of the film, in my opinion, is Camilla Carr. She gives a hell of a performance as a woman on the edge and is extremely believable as a schizophrenic.

Some of the best scenes involve Fontaine's "love" scenes with her brother. The first being a montage of her putting on make-up in the mirror that was oddly similar to some of Buffalo Bill's scenes from Silence of the Lambs and the other being a "love making" scene with the camera that is very...interesting.

All in all, Keep My Grave Open is an interesting little bargain bin classic that deserves at least a curious viewing.

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