Saturday, September 24, 2011


Release Date: 2011

The Band:

Charlie Benante: Drums, Acoustic and Electric Guitar
Scott Ian: Guitar, Backing Vocals
Joey Belladonna: Vocals
Frank Bello: Bass, Backing Vocals
Rob Caggiano: Guitar

Damn it's good to hear Joey Belladonna on an Anthrax album again!

I had very high expectations for this album. It was rumored to be a return to form (i.e. late 80s), and almost a "reunion" album with the return of Belladonna, and, thankfully, I can report, after listening to it multiple times, that it not only lives up to most of my expectations, it exceeds them!

The album is solid from beginning to end. The first track, "Worship," is a somewhat serene introduction that leads right into the chaos of "Earth On Hell." The album then carries the listener through a "metal, thrashing mad" collection of some of the the best tracks Anthrax has ever recorded! Believe me, it's not the newness of the album that is making me think it's one of Anthrax's best albums, I've listened to it multiple times just to be sure, it really is just that damn good!

Many of the tracks sound like they belong on some of Anthrax's classic albums, especially "Fight'em 'Til You Can't, whereas one or two songs, "Crawl" for instance, hearken back to the Bush era. It really presents itself as an album of Anthrax's best qualities: premium thrash, heaviness, memorable melodies and choruses, and top notch musicianship.

All said and done, this album presents us with a band of mature, accomplished musicians who have not lost one ounce of their youthful exuberance or their love for the genre they helped create.

Highly recommended!


Favorite tracks:

"Fight'em 'Til You Can't"
"The Devil You Know"
"In The End"
"Judas Priest"

What I was listening to while writing: DARK FUNERAL: THE SECRETS OF THE BLACK ARTS

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